HEM Competition – Testing of GK


The Great Game of HEM is a national competition hosted by a business university in Morocco. It is a great general knowledge competition designed to promote the exchange of challenge in young students minds from all over Morocco. Participants are required to answer multiple choice questions which range from increasingly difficult levels and in various subjects: Arts and Culture, News, Economy, Science & Sport.

Amongst 96 students, 4 students from the American School of Tangier participated with two juiors reaching the semi-finals, Adam Benabbou and Abdellah Ghailani. Reaching third place, Abdellah Ghailani won a plasma TV. It is be very fun to participate if the prizes are that exciting!


Tazmamart and Ahmed Marzouki – Surviving A Concentration Camp


I have never heard of a desert concentration camp called Tazmamart, have you? I’m pretty confident that most of you haven’t either. Once located in South Eastern Morocco under the reign of King Hassan II of Morocco, this prison, or most possibly a tomb, was authorized to incarcerate his political enemies. Whoever was imprisoned has no idea when they would be released, it was a big question mark. Surprisingly this concentration camp wasn’t put an end to until 1991 by human rights activists.

One such survivors struggles within the prison is described by Mr. Ahmed Marzouki, a survivor himself who endured endless pain till he was luckily one of the only survivors. His book is a bestseller in Morocco and France, called, Cellule 10 (written in French and translated into Arabic).

AST back in MASAC – Volleyball 2013



After a year of the AST taking a pause from participating in the MASAC sports events, they’ve finally resumed their participation. These pictures were taken out at the Volleyball tournament early this last November.

MEDays 2013


The small city of Tangier has a rare number of events that occur occasionally. Our school, the American School of Tangier, was granted with the opportunity to to attend MEDays, a strategic meeting where global players of geo-strategic spheres unite to discuss economic and political issues in this suitable platform for strengthening relations between the North and South. Most importantly, the regions include Morocco, the Mediterranean, and the Arab World.

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